Welcome to this website dedicated to sharing the truth and hope revealed by our Father Creator in heaven through His only son the Messiah Yahusha. You may download an English translation of this French work in a PDF book from the link here.

You may also view and download other informative files and ancient books from the following links.


1 Hope & Truth – Complete Work (1 file) PDF
2 to come -
3 Dates of annual solemnities – 2015-2030 PDF et JPG
4 Hymnals - separate pages (images) JPG
5 Hymnals - audio (choral) MP3
6  Hymnals - book  PDF
7 Hymnals -  audio (piano) MP3
8 Freeware EXE
9 Freeware onlinebible EXE
10 Bible Versions for Online Bible EXE
11 Openoffice Spreadsheet for Enoch's calendar ODS
12 Openoffice Spreadsheet for local hours ODS
13 Bible versions to read on screen PDF
14 Ancienst books (Enoch, Jubilees, etc.) PDF
15 Astronomy informations and data PDF
16 Septuagint LXX PDF
17 to come to come
18 to come to come
19 to come to come
20 to come to come
21 to come to come
22 Download in English -